Why we love computers?

Have you ever wondered why we LOVE computers so much?

They are EVERYTHING that we’re not. Humans and computers have complementary abilities. That is, our strengths and weaknesses are opposite one another.

Computers are fast and accurate at repetitive detailed work.

Humans are amazing at pattern recognition and creativity.

Many people find computer code difficult to understand. Unfortunately, others who do understand, make mistakes often!

Today there is considerable focus on creating computers that mimic humans. I feel there is a shift; we are turning into dumb robots following instructions given to us by computers, while robots are finding their artificial intelligence!

Our goal should be to bring the complementary strengths of humans and computers together. Creating a formidable team to take us to the next level.

This principal lies at the heart of SAM’s concept.

By delegating detailed, repetitive activities requiring accuracy and speed to computers, we can declutter our minds to focus on problem pattern recognition and finding strategic solutions.

Instead of focusing on creating a world where man is replaced by machines, let’s utilise machines, to help us restore and improve our extraordinarily wonderful and unique world.

Sally M Solaymantash