What a Foundation!

Have you ever looked at a skyscraper and thought “Wow!!! What a foundation!”?

I don’t think many have.

But the reality is, without a solid foundation to support the entire weight of the structure, the building will become unstable and eventually crash.

The taller the building, the more critical the foundation becomes.

If a building has a far greater height than the original intent, the foundation will become unable to bear the weight. The cracks will start to form before the whole building becomes unstable and crumbles.

Care and attention invested in laying a foundation never gets the deserved admiration. But, always remains the essential ingredient for a lasting structure.

I like to compare technology to architecture. Developing an enterprise system is just like raising a building.

Enterprise technology’s foundation cannot support the current demand. The growing number and severity of technological errors are signs of instability. Demonstrating the foundation is not able to bear the weight of the demand.

SAM (SmarterApproach® Methodology) lays a new technological foundation to meet the growing demand.

Let’s invest in the future,

Sally M Solaymantash