Toxic Asset?

Why the current approach to software Technology is toxic for businesses?

Here are few reasons:

  • The current approach is linear – Experts gather to build a system. After 10-15 years of bug fixing, the hardware ages, and the process repeats.

  • Meanwhile, the experts are gone, leaving consumers rather than apprentices behind. Slowly, the usage-knowledge is replacing the business-knowledge.

  • As a result, when the new system is delivered, the old systems never go away. Each legacy has unreproducible features or functions. Hence, new systems sit alongside the legacies.

  • The mushrooming number of systems is a reflection of fragmented knowledge, making a single source of truth unattainable across the enterprise!

  • Over time, the overheads & costs continue to swell; due to growing deficiencies, special needs, labour, part and energy expenses.

  • Today’s world, with its interwoven complexities, is a far cry from the demands of the 1950s. However, we still develop software in the same way. The growing systematic errors and cybercrimes are direct reflections that the demand has outgrown the aging approach.

What do you think?

Be deliberate.

Demand a Sustainable Circular Technology,

Sally M Solaymantash