Sustainable Technology

A Linear economy is about make, use and dispose.

A circular economy maximises resources’ in-use value; before recycling at the end of service life.

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the resources of the future.

The goal is to achieve sustainability through a circular economy.

Fast-evolving hardware technology, in the past decades, together with the linear technological approach have resulted in a gradual erosion of business knowledge.

To combat this problem, enterprises are holding on to their legacy systems.

As a combined consequence, technological spend is continuously growing, creating a lose-lose situation for enterprises.

This impact is reflected in global enterprise expenditures doubling every decade!

Today, technology is interwoven in every aspect of our lives. So it is only logical to conclude, a sustainable global economy must include a sustainable technological approach.

SAM (SmarterApproach® Methodology) creates a circular technological economy reusing, restoring and retaining enterprise knowledge for the future generations; while addressing the related economic, social and environmental concerns.

SAM creates a Sustainable Technology.

Are you ready for the future?

Sally M Solaymantash