Sustainable Software

To date, the circular economy focus is on hardware or e-waste. Software is the brains of the technology. Without engaging the brain, it is harder to attain our objective of creating global sustainability. With every hardware upgrade, the legacy software is replaced due to the rigid interdependency between hardware and software. By breaking this dependency, software knowledge can be retained and transferred across hardware generations. Creating, adaptable and future proof solutions with high regulatory, security and business compliance. Ultimately, providing an enhanced and unified user experience. Auto-generation of executable code for targeted hardware ensures on-demand transportability. These changes result in the elimination of structural waste that currently exists across enterprise solutions. Statista projects, in 2020 $507 bn will be spent on global enterprise solutions. This figure has been doubling every decade. Imagine what the saving of just 50% of $507 bn can do for our world economics? Imagine how resources can be used more productively towards solving the greater problems of tomorrow? Let’s strive to achieve sustainability across all components of technology. Let’s discuss and collaborate to build a better future, Sally M Solaymantash www.Sally.MS