Sustainable Information

The circular economy’s focus is on hardware or e-waste.

But, technology has three components hardware, software and information.

Information with context is knowledge and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

With every hardware upgrade, the legacy knowledge fragments and erodes, due to interdependency between hardware and software.

By breaking this dependency, we can create higher clarity, comprehension, consolidation, reusability and standardisation of knowledge. Through creation of enterprise-wide permanent retention of knowledge, we can expand beyond what is possible today.

An enterprise-wide single source of truth empowers the enterprise to yield a greater knowledge from their accumulated information than it is currently possible.

Less than 20 years ago, when Wikipedia started, it was just an empty InfoBase. Today it is far from complete, but it’s an invaluable encyclopaedia of public knowledge.

Imagine creating a Wikipedia of your enterprise knowledge.

How will having an enterprise-wide Wikipedia benefit you?

Let’s strive to achieve sustainability across all components of technology.

Let’s discuss and collaborate to build a better future,

Sally M Solaymantash