Sustainable Circular Technology

Sustainability and circular economy are among the buzzwords of today.

Everyone is focused on creating circularity and sustainability for tangible entities.

So, what about intangible losses, like erosion of business knowledge?

Or, intangible linear economies, like Software?

Sadly, the side effects of these oversights are very tangible indeed. Like increases in:

- number of legacy systems containing forgotten business knowledge

- their growing energy consumption and costs

- frequency and severity of technological errors

- Cybercrimes

and …

Why sustainable technology is not the same as sustainability technology?

Sustainable technology is a sustainable approach to the creation of technological solutions.

A sustainability technology is a tool to assist its users in achieving their Sustainability goals.

There are countless technological sustainability tools. However, what is missing is a sustainable software technology to take us through the growing complexities for the next phase of growth.

If you’re serious about sustainability and circularity, then think about sustainable circular technology.

Demand a better future,

Sally M Solaymantash