Reaching for oxygen mask

We are told, “In case of emergency make sure you fit your own oxygen mask, before assisting others”.

At first, this may seem a selfish act. “How can I think of myself, when others need my help?”. But, once logic kicks in, you realise that this makes total sense. You can help far more people alive, than dead.

Since conception, we in the software industry have been too busy helping others that we have forgotten to put our own masks on. Now, we’re succumbing by not having taken care of ourselves along the way.

The exponential growth in technology that we witness today, is due to advancement in hardware technology. Approach to software technology has not changed for more than six decades! In all that time, we have managed with band-aids on our wounds.

Signs of escalating software technology failures are all around.

These failures are impacting all that depends on us.

We need to make amends before it’s too late. We need to go back to basics and create a new solid foundation for software technology.

We have to reach out for our oxygen mask.

Instead of only having short sighted focused on using technology, let’s modernise software technology to give it longevity.

With our oxygen mask on, instead of a martyr, we can be a hero.

Sally M Solaymantash