Is AI the magic bullet?

Many believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the magic bullet that will either save or destroy humanity.

But the reality is neither.

In essence, AI is human logic within a machine, allowing knowledge to be utilised quickly and effortlessly by many.

A humble calculator is an example of a simple AI.

A sophisticated and complex algorithm improves its responses based on past outcomes and probabilities. This continuous improvement is machine learning. Such an example would be speech recognition systems.

When machines correctly anticipate and meet our expectations, they delight us and conversely, they frustrate us.

In reality, AI is simply a machine that blindly follows the instructions within its program. How smart an AI appears to be purely dependents on the ingenuity of the given instructions.

Instead of incomprehensible linear machine code, we must preserve this intelligence in a sustainable form.

It is not AI that will save or destroy humanity. It is humanity’s ability to preserve its knowledge that is the determinant of the outcome.

Demand a better future through sustainable circular technology.

Sally M Solaymantash