In my early 20’s, while working at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), I learnt a valuable lesson.

I was told “You can solve the most complex problem. But, if the users don’t like using your solution. It’s CRAP!

On the other hand, you can do something that you would consider mindless, but users LOVE it. They will sing its praises forevermore!”

The value of a solution is in its usability for the intent.

A rock is a far better option to hammer a nail into a concrete wall, than a hammer made of pure gold.

There are always multiple solutions to a problem. The optimal solution is the one that maximises objectives over all others.

The ultimate feat is finding the optimal solution.

This lesson stayed with me and has become one of my cornerstones. I have applied it to many creations; including SAM (SmarterApproach® Methodology).

This principle also lies at the heart of design-centricity.

A design-centric approach considers the problem from all possible angles, in search of the optimal solution, to provide an ultimate user experience.

When considering solutions, don’t just reach for the gold, reach for the best.

Select the BEST by DESIGN,

Sally M Solaymantash