Cybercrime, where does the responsibility lie?

Is it with:

The Users? For sharing their private information with businesses.

The Police? For their ineffective cross-border collaboration to end cybercriminal activities.

The Businesses? For their systematic failure that is enabling the criminals.

The Software tech industry? For its failure to advance in line with the growing demands. Creating systems with more holes than Swiss cheese and feeding the cybercrime cesspool.

Or is it solely with the criminals? The creative opportunists who have found the loopholes. While everyone is drowning in paper chains, they are thriving!

They don’t see the pain and anguish in the face of their victims. They only see a bunch of alphanumeric characters on the screen, making them even more ruthless.

Everyone has a part in creating this cesspool. Let us clean it together.

Instead of finger pointing, let us create an action chain.

It starts with advancing the software technology’s maturity. We need to move towards sustainable circular technology to address the root cause. This act will accelerate efforts to plug business technology holes, enables the police to detain the undesirables and ultimately safeguards users.

Demand a better future,

Sally M Solaymantash