Be Bold, Be Seen, Be Heard

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking at the first joint collaborative event between iWiS (international Women in Science) and UK RI (Science and Technology Facilities Council).

It was a star-studded Female STEM Speaker joining us from four continents.

It truly was a humbling and empowering experience to hear all their stories, passions and missions. I sincerely hope that the next event can take place in person. I would LOVE to meet them all for an engaging and in-depth discussion on their various field of expertise.

Growing up, I had no female role models to aspire to. It is SO emotional to see so many amazing women speaking up to be an inspiration for the next generation of STEM.

Be Bold, Be Seen, Be Heard. But Most of all, Be YOU!

Wishing you all an AMAZING journey ahead,

Sally M Solaymantash