Ask Why?

The Horizon system was introduced in UK Post Offices in 1999. From 2000 to 2014, the Post Office prosecuted 736 sub-postmasters based on information from the installed system. Some went to prison for false accounting and theft; many were financially ruined. Last week a group of former sub-postmasters had their names cleared at the Court of Appeal.

It is the most widespread miscarriage of justice in the UK and another example of enterprise technology disaster.

In 2021, an estimated $517 billion will be spent globally on enterprise software. $434 billion of that spent will be on unsuccessful projects. … and that’s just the technology spent, not the overall related enterprise loss!

When I look at the attached graph, I can’t but wonder, WHY?

WHY no one is questioning this unsustainable trajectory?

WHY no one is questioning the low success rate in software technology delivery?

Imagine how your enterprise can better spend its share of $434 billion in 2021.

Enterprise software technology must advance towards sustainable circular technology.

Be deliberate. Demand a better future,

Sally M Solaymantash