Artificial Intelligence

These days, everyone’s favourite acronym is AI.

The world appears divided between two primary camps. The pro-AI camp who believe the world problems will be solved by it and the anti-AI camp who believe humanity will be wiped by it!

Before we can determine if AI is good or bad, we need to establish, what is Artificial Intelligence? … and before that, we have to agree on what is intelligence?

A relatively simple question. Right? WRONG!

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge.

The problem is that knowledge is broad and hard to measure.

Is intelligence the ability to acquire and apply, mathematical, spatial, verbal, logical, emotional or recollective knowledge? If a combination, in what ratio?

If that’s not enough, how should we factor age, social, educational and cultural variances?

Everyone agrees, there is no simple answer.

However, the fact remains, the word “Artificial” appears before “Intelligence” for a reason.

Ultimately, we have more homework to do.

Meanwhile, we should focus on collaborating towards extending knowledge and intelligence.

SAM (SmarterApproach® Methodology) focused on extending, restoring and preserving enterprise knowledge for future generations.

Sally M Solaymantash