Another Data Leak

Earlier this week, while working on my Mac, I noticed my camera light was on! I quickly blocked the camera and did some checking. Unable to find out what was going on, I restarted my Mac and ran a security check. I still couldn’t detect any problems on my Mac. However, my Dark Web monitor reported detecting another LinkedIn data leak in 2021 (see above image)!

Seeing that message prompted me to take few additional precautions.

I could not find any obvious issues and am not sure if my camera issue was directly related to the LinkedIn breach. However, it begs two questions:

1. Why hasn’t LinkedIn notified its users of such a breach as yet?

2. With security breaches becoming “the norm” in our digital world, why there is no focus on modernising the aging approach to software technology?

The aging software development approach is the primary root cause of the majority of today's security breaches.

Instead of spending more on band-aid solutions, isn’t it time to invest in modernising software technology?

Be deliberate.

Demand a better future with Sustainable Circular Technology,

Sally M Solaymantash