A letter to Bill

I watched the recent Bill Gate interview with the BBC. Speaking about the innovation required across the global economy to reach the targeted net-zero emission goals by 2050.

Stating, by the end of the century, climate change devastation, in some regions, will cause over 5 times as many deaths compared to today’s pandemic.

To date, humanity has not performed a transition in the scale that is required to reach net-zero.

This will be the most amazing achievement that humanity has ever done.

Bill Gate’s growing wisdom with age, has catapulted him through the ranks of my favourite people. It is amazing to see his ever-increasing contributions.

At the same time, it saddens me to see such a giant of technology who champions sustainability across so many sectors, has forgotten to start from home.

With today’s global economy sitting firmly on technological foundation, it only makes sense to start a change of this scale from the foundation up.

To achieve humanity's most amazing great change with the necessary swiftness, we need to lay a new sustainable circular technological foundation.

Mr Gate, here’s the gauntlet:

Please use your immense power, influence and wisdom to promote sustainable circular technology.

Best Regards,

Sally M Solaymantash