2020 Tech Failures

The IEEE 2020 tech failure reports, the volume and the spread of failures are unsurprisingly growing. The report highlighted global Aviation, Automotive, Cloud Computing, Communication, Cybercrime, Financials, Government, Health, Police and Rail!

There were many fascinating details. Including: an average of one Aviation failure per month, the highest number of Automotive tech recalls, cloud computing living up to its name by being just a fog and let’s not get into the ever-growing cybercrime.

Although the author mentions several national system failures; including, Canada, Japan, South Korea and the USA; I find the following interesting:

Michigan is fighting a class-action lawsuit for tens of thousands of unemployed falsely accused of fraud by its MiDAS System between Oct 2013 and Sep 2015.

Ohio’s $1.2 billion benefit system, which went live in 2013, is still riddled with 1,100 defects and is partly responsible for $455m benefit overpayments and a backlog of 24,000 cases in the past year.

What else does it take before noticing the aging software approach is failing to meet today's complexities of need?

Be deliberate.

Demand a better future with Sustainable Circular Technology,

Sally M Solaymantash